Celebrating our 90th year!


The inner Drive into the club will close beginning Wednesday, 1/20/21. The closure will last about two months. All Police and HF&G traffic must use the State Rd entrance between Police and PWD, rather than Pennypack. Detour signs are posted as they where in the past. Drive slowley and safely! 

as of 6 AM Saturday 11/21
Mayor Kenney's 11/18 Executive order was modified/relaxed on 1/4 and 1/15/2021
In Compliance with the Mayor's Executive order of 11/18,  
and by order of the HF&GPA BOD and Executives, the Indoor range is open (social distancing and masks required). The clubhouse remains closed (except for rest rooms - max capacity 1 and the clubhouse - only for membership/administrative svcs) Masks are required at all times anywhere on club grounds and social distancing (6 feet) must be maintained.
Guests permitted at RSO discretion.
The Indoor Range and Clubhouse reopen at 25% of capacity with masks required.
Outdoor group recreational and sports activities for youth and adults and Outdoor performances and small outdoor events (up to 50 people) are permitted in this new phase. Outdoor ranges reopen at 50% capacity.
PA Gov. Tom Wolf puts Philadelphia County into the Yellow Phase of the Covid-19 recovery plan.
New, Temporary, Range and General Rules are posted.
Please be Patient and Considerate as we get used to shooting under these very new conditions. Expect that you might have to wait for a shooting lane.

Philadelphia is currently under the Mayor's Modified EO of 11/18/2020. 
For the latest information, visit phila.gov/COVID-19 .
Watch this space for further updates.

Rifle, 8 positions open all day, every day. Pistol, 10 positions open Saturday, Sunday and Monday all day, 3 - 11 PM Tues - Friday. Due to further storm/wind damage to the shot curtain, Shotgun is CLOSED until further PWD notice. New Member Orientations limited to 10 students each Sunday at Noon. Email membershiphfg@comcast.net to reserve a seat. Anyone not checked in by 11:30 AM forfeits their seat to standby/walk-ins.

Regular Hours of Operation:
Holmesburg Fish and Game Ranges
open at 6 AM and close at 11 PM
Restricted range hours may be reinstated should
PWD work behind our bullet impact berms resume.
Watch this space for more information.

Range Events & Activities Schedule
Please Note: The Mayor's COVID-19 Executive Order was extended until at least 1/15/2021. 
Friday January 1st New Years Day - No Junior Shotgun
January 3rd .22 Lever/Pump rifle, Indoor offhand, no glass 09:00 Cancelled
January 4th thru 7th - Rifle Range CLOSED for PWD construction 7 AM - 4 PM
Monday, January 4th General Meeting 7:30PM by Zoom -
Watch for an Email Blast
Tuesday January  5th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM Cancelled
Friday January 8th Junior Shotgun 7 PM
January 10th CenterFire Rifle League 4-position >6mm 09:00 Cancelled
.22 Lever/Pump rifle, Indoor offhand, no glass 09:00 Cancelled
Monday January 11th Prisons on Pistol/Indoor ranges until 3 PM
Handgun/Rifle Fundamentals Course 6PM Cancelled
must preregister with govcannon@aol.com
Tuesday January 12th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM Cancelled
Friday January 15th Junior Shotgun 7 PM
January 17th BE Pistol .22 90 Rnds NMC, some dueling Cancelled
Tuesday January 19th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
Friday January 22nd Junior Shotgun Cancelled - to resume in April
January 24th .22 Rim-Fire rifle, Indoor offhand 09:00 or when the line fills
January 25th Prisons on Pistol/Indoor ranges until 3 PM
Handgun/Rifle Fundamentals Course 6PM
must preregister with govcannon@aol.com
Tuesday January 26th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
January 31st .22 Rim-Fire rifle, Indoor offhand 09:00 or when the line fills
Attention: Junior Shotgun in hiatus - to resume in April
Monday, February 1st General Meeting 7:30PM by Zoom? -
Watch for an Email Blast
Tuesday February 2nd Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
Friday, February 5th Junior Shotgun - 7 PM
February 7th Smallbore Offhand Rifle Indoor - 9 AM
Monday, Feb 8th Prisons on Pistol/Indoor ranges until 3 PM
Handgun/Rifle Fundamentals Course 6PM
must preregister with govcannon@aol.com
 Tuesday February 9th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
Friday February 12th Junior Shotgun 7 PM
February 14th CenterFire Rifle League 09:00
.22 Rim-Fire rifle, Indoor offhand 09:00 or when the line fills
Tuesday February 16th Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
Friday February 19th Junior Shotgun 7 PM
February 21st BE Pistol All .22 900 (90 Rnds) 10 AM
February 22nd Prisons on Pistol/Indoor ranges until 3 PM
Handgun/Rifle Fundamentals Course 6PM
must preregister with govcannon@aol.com
Tuesday February 23rd Junior Rifle 6 - 9 PM
Friday February 26th Junior Shotgun 7 PM
Sunday February 28th Military Pistol Unlimited Shoot 10 AM
Mil Pistol and Rifle League Awards Banquet - Noon

Range Hours and Rules! 

All Ranges are Open...
Sat through Mon Dawn to 11 PM and
Tue through Fri   5pm to 11 PM
in addition, The rifle range is open for pistol and rifle shooting
Tuesday through Friday from Dawn - 3pm EXCEPT when noted.
You must sign-in on a club log sheet even if you are not shooting and you must wear your club badge at all times when you are on the property. So clip on your badge when you pull into the driveway, and head straight for a log sheet (in the clubhouse, and also on the pistol and rifle ranges if the clubhouse is locked. Range rules are posted on our "Education/Events/Rules" page. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you use the rifle range when Phila.Prisons are at the club, DO NOT BOTHER THEM! They are working/training and must not be interrupted or distracted. All questions or concerns should be directed to a HF&GPA range officer or club executive. They will answer your questions or interact with the PPS if need be.


Weekly Activities

Call First @ 215-624-9454

Cubhouse open daily
7AM - 11PM

Mon. Days- Open skeet/Trap 9:00am-2:30pm (Call First)
Mon. Night -Archery, Senior Rifle (indoor),
Tues. Night - Open Trap Shooting 6-10pm, Junior Rifle (indoor) 7pm
Wed. Night - Open Skeet Shooting 6-10pm
Winter Five-Stand 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 6-10pm
Winter Bullseye Pistol League (indoor) evening practice, other shooters welcome
Thurs. Night - Bullseye Pistol Summer League 7pm
Senior Smallbore Rifle (Indoor)
Summer 5-Stand 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 6PM
Fri. Night
- Junior Skeet & Trap 7pm
Winter Bullseye League (Indoor) 8pm
Sat. - Open Skeet/Trap Shooting 9:00am-3:30pm
Sun. -Open Skeet/Trap Shooting 9:00am-3:30pm
Last Sunday of the month 5-Stand 9am -3:30pm


Club Shooting Hours
Sat–Mon Dawn – 11pm
Tue – Fri 5pm – 11pm
The Rifle range may be used for Pistol or Rifle shooting Tuesday - Friday from Dawn til 3pm EXCEPT when noted.

View/Download the Club 2020 Calendar (Updated 10/30)
Click to View/Download Club 2021 Calendar (Updated 12/09)

Monthly Meetings held the 1st Monday of every month in the
clubhouse or classroom at:
5100 Pennypack Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(There is no shooting during/after meetings)

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Sundays 9am - 1pm. Call first.
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