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Saying Good-Bye and remembering Frank Kramer

   A poignant memorial ceremony for Frank Kramer was held at the HF&GPA Sunday, April 6th. With his family looking on and assisting by pulling the lanyard and some triggers, Frank's remains were distributed by black powder and scattered over the club he loved so dearly. While Frank we be missed, in another sense he will always be with us. His family provided and released memorial balloons which floated south along the Delaware. Afterwards they invited members and friends into the clubhouse for refreshments. There were some tears shed, but Frank's memory most assuredly produced more smiles than anything else.
   The reason for Frank being so fondly remembered as a favorite son of the HF&GPA was made even more evident when his family made yet another generous donation to the club in Frank's memory. HF&G President Pat Clarke remarked how pleased he was that the Association will still be around to continue to serve Frank's memory. Amen to that!