Primitive Black Powder

Skirmish Black Powder



 The Pennsylvania Ridgerunners is a Blackpowder Primitive Division of Holmesburg
Fish and Game Protective Association. I tried to find out exactly what a
Pennsylvania Ridgerunner is and was given two possible explanations. One I was
told was they were poor people from upstate that didn't own guns, and would
track the deer on the ridges on the Pennsylvania mountains in the deep snow
until they caught up to them.

The other explanation was that a Ridgerunner is a nickname for the people from
northern central Pennsylvania.

Whatever a Ridgerunner is, here at Holmesburg it is a group of guys and a few
ladies who like to shoot the old blackpowder primitive guns and have a lot of
fun. Years ago the shooters used to dress in primitive attire, but as time goes
on, few shooters dress in it, if any. For anyone who reads this that is
interested in shooting blackpowder, they can call the division chairman Patrick
B. Clarke at (267) 968-6564. We will teach you how if you don't know how. As
you can see below some pictures of a few of our previous shoots from March and
April 2006. Don't forget to check out our upcoming shoots for the rest of the
year. They will be posted in the future when the dates are available.

St. Patrick's Day
Ham Shoot 3/12/06
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Meat Shoot
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