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MATCH #     DATE         DAY           CLUB         RANGE

S 1  1          10-13-23     FRIDAY     DRP            POSTAL

S 1  2          10-20-23     FRIDAY     DEL ST       POSTAL

S 1  3          10-27-23     FRIDAY     BV              POSTAL

S  1  4          11-10-23     FRIDAY     FALLS        POSTAL

S  2  5          11-17-23     FRIDAY     DRP            POSTAL

S  2  6          12-1-23       FRIDAY     DEL ST      POSTAL

S  2  7          12-8-23       FRIDAY     BV              POSTAL

S  2  8          12-15-23     FRIDAY     FALLS        POSTAL

S  3  9          1-5-24         FRIDAY     DRP            POSTAL

S  3  10       1-12-24       FRIDAY     DEL ST      POSTAL

S  3  11       1-19-24       FRIDAY     BV              POSTAL

S  3  12       2-2-24         FRIDAY     FALLS        POSTAL

S  4  13       2-9-24         FRIDAY     DRP            POSTAL

S  4  14       2-16-24       FRIDAY     DEL ST      POSTAL

S  4  15       2-23-24       FRIDAY      BV              POSTAL

S  4  16       3-8-24         FRIDAY      FALLS       POSTAL


Captain  Mark Hladchuk hladchuk@comcast.net  215-880-4453

Captain  Steve D’Arcangelo sdarcangelo@comcast.net 215-964-4744

Bullseye Pistol at Holmesburg Fish & Game

There are three different ways to shoot in organized matches at Holmesburg.

First, there is the monthly Bullseye Pistol match. These matches are open to the
general public and are held the third Sunday of the month. Start time is at
10:00 A.M. or when the line fills, whichever happens first. The match fee is $7.
Matches are generally comprised of 90 rounds, sometimes all center-fire, sometimes
all rim-fire and sometimes some combination of the two - check the club paper for
specific match information. Matches are fired either indoors or out, depending upon
weather conditions. These matches are a bit more informal than the others, with the
emphasis on having fun in one of the most demanding pistol disciplines. Match prizes
are usually rim-fire ammunition, distributed to the top three shooters in each class
as determined by the Lewis Class System. For more information on these matches,
please contact Mark Hladchuk at 215 880-4453.

Second, we have the Summer Bullseye League. These matches are also open to
the public and are held at 7:00 PM every Thursday night during June, July
and August. The cost of these matches is $5 per card and a card consists
of one 30-round rim-fire national match course and one 30-round center-fire
match. A National Match Course is a slow-fire target (10 rounds fired in
10 minutes), a timed-fire target (two strings of 5 shots each fired in
20 seconds) and a rapid-fire target (two strings of 5 shots each fired in
10 seconds). This league is conducted on the outdoor pistol range at 25 yards.
Firing points are covered and there is lighting so we don't let a little rain
or darkness stop us from shooting. Usually, there is a second relay which
will commence sometime after 8:00 PM. Stop by some Thursday night during the
Summer to see what this league is all about!

In order to participate in the Third Bullseye Winter League -
you must be an H F & G Club member. We travel to shoot other teams in the
Delaware Valley Pistol League, but more than half of our matches are shot at
home. Away matches are shot on the night the other team (The home team) shoots.
The Holmesburg (AKA the"Penn Ridge") team shoots Friday nights when at home or
practicing. Matches start at 8:00 P.M. A match consists of one Rim-Fire and one
Center-Fire National Match Course. All matches are fired indoors at 50 feet.
These matches are as much social as they are competitive.
The Winter Bullseye League practices from September through the Spring months,
though the bulk of the competition runs through the Fall and Winter Months.
Call the team captain, Tom Scollon at 215-725-2958 for more information.
If there are enough shooters interested in forming a second Holmesburg team
which would shoot on Wednesday nights in the same league, Ron Steinbrecher
will captain that effort. Please call Ron at 215-836-7184 to discuss the matter.

Generally Speaking...
Bullseye-style shooting though rewarding, maybe somewhat difficult (especially
with the traditional, unsupported (one-hand hold) for new shooters.
At Holmesburg however, there are several ways you can ease yourself into this
style of competition. Shooters who feel they lack the skill to shoot one-handed
are allowed to shoot with two hands. Most folks will fire these matches with
semi-auto pistols equipped with target grips and dot-sights, but there's no
reason you can't participate with an out-of-the-box gun with iron or adjustable
sights. So come on out and participate! Come when the various leagues are shooting
and see what it's all about - then it's time to try your hand and join the fun!


DATES: Every Thursday night beginning in June until the end of August.
TIME:   Shooting will start at 7:00 PM
COURSE OF FIRE: National match course of slow fire (10 shots in ten minutes on 25 yard reduced targets); timed fire (2 strings of 5 shots in twenty seconds) and rapid fire (2 strings of 5 shots in ten seconds) at 25 yards for both
22 caliber and Center-Fire
FEES: $7.00 registration
           $2.50 per relay per night
           $5.00 (both 22 caliber and center fire)
           There will be 4 relays per night
 1. 22 caliber   3. 22 caliber
 2. Center fire  4. Center fire
ANNUAL AWARDS: Awards will be given for 22 caliber and center fire for
                              each NRA Class as follows:

OPEN      $70.00
FIRST      $40.00 (1 to 7 shooters) 
SECOND $30.00 (8 to 14 shooters) 
THIRD      $20.00 (15+ shooters)
     (NOTE: High Master will be combined with Master Class)

ELIGIILITY  All members of the National Rifle Association, current
     NRA classification will be used. Unclassified shooters
     will be classified after 4 matches
RULES    Current NRA rules will govern. Challenge fee will be $1.00,
     refunded if challenge is sustained.
     Only shooters completing 9 of the matches fired over the 13 nights
     will be eligible for awards. The 9 highest scores will be counted for
     award - all complete matches will be submitted for NRA record
INFORMATION   Tom Scollon   215-725-2958 (evenings)

LOCATION   Holmesburg Fish & Game Association located off
    Pennypack Street at State Road next to the Philadelphia Police

Wrapping up the 2011 Summer League

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