Center-Fire Rifle League

Indoor Offhand Rimfire

Smallbore Plinking

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ARA Benchrest, Silhouette

ARA Bench Rest suspended
Contact the club if you would like to resume this activirty.

Smallbore/.22 LR Indoor Silhouette League

    This league is suspended - nobody to run it. If you are interested in resurecting it, please contact the club.
   This is how it used to work - Practice started at 6pm and the match commenced at 7. The course of fire was 2 matches per night, 2 targets per match, 20 shots per target. The match cost was $2 per match and $1 for the Lucky Shot match. Matches could be shot with any sporting or target .22 rifle, any sights. Everyone was invited to join in the fun, Juniors included. Matches were held every other Wednesday night January through May.

.22 LR Outdoor Silhouette

Also suspended, these matches would run every Wednesday night in May through September and some Saturdays. The club owns all the equipment reqired to run this league again. All that is missing is you? Please contact the club if interested.

The course of fire was 40 rounds -10 shots on each animal - $2 weeknites, $6 Saturdays range fee.
You could shoot from any position, but only standing offhand counted for score.
Saturdays - 8 am set-up and practice until the match starts at 10 am.

Wed nites would be a match or practice beginning at 4 pm and running until dusk.